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Padlock - 30mm Brass Body with 30mm Brass Shackle (DIFFER)

Padlock - 30mm Brass Body with 30mm Brass Shackle (DIFFER)

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dan jackson
Submitted: 08 Apr 2010
i really want the 50mm shackle on these 3 locks, i did not see a way to get it to recognise that even though the option was given on the description. if possible update to the 50mm.. cheers,. Dan Jackson. Holme Park Quarry Asst Manager.

Response to this comment/question:
Hi Dan

Under the 'Padlocks' link and then 'To Differ', there are various sized padlocks that can be selected.
A 30mm width padlock with a 50mm shackle is part B3B50KD (brass shackle) or part B3S50KD (steel shackle).

If you have any further queries please let me know.

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