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Part Number: 005959

**Customise with symbols of your choice using the configurator below. Note that the Susie comes with a captive DS Stainless Steel Key (part 006512) to the same symbol with a brass dog tag; one side reads UK and the other side shall read your bay number. Please state your bay number in the field below headed "Additional Information"**

The Susie links the UK articulated trailer to the loading bay door during the loading or unloading of goods.

Fit the Susie to the emergency air brake line coupling when the trailer has been reversed into position at the bay. After successful fitment, a Castell coded key is released from the Susie, locking the unit firmly onto the coupling. The coded Castell key can only be released once the Susie has been fitted to the brake coupling.

The Castell key is then taken to the corresponding loading bay door and used to open the door.

The secret of the system is that only one key exists per bay, thus ensuring that the door can only be opened ONCE the trailer has been secured in place. To ensure the integrity of the system, each bay should have a different symbol selected.

Please see the attached data sheet and install sheets for further information.

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